Columbia Summit Veterinary Hospital now offers an official adoption program. All the animals offered for adoption are rescues who for one reason or another have been brought to us for euthanasia.

Keep in mind some pets offered do have minor health issues, that being said they still live a good quality of life and have many lovable years left to offer to a family.

All pets have had a blood work, a complete urinalysis, a dental prophy (if required) are up to date on vaccines. We do our absolute best to ensure there are no unknown health concerns.

There is an adoption fee of $75 for each cat and $125 for each dog, which goes back into the rescue fund to put to aid in diagnostics, surgery, feeding, housing,treatments and other fees associated with rescuing animals. When you adopt an animal not only do you give it a second chance, but you are giving another rescue a chance at a second life as well! We are very thankful for the compassionate hearts of those who help us give these animals second chances!

As you know every pet is unique and all our adoptables live on site, so any time you would like to say hello they are available!

Adoptable/Rescue Animals

Bilbo Baggins Of The Shire

Breed: Siamese Cross

Age: 11 yrs

Neutered male

Status: Available!

Bilbo was surrendered to our clinic in November. His urinary tract was blocked, which made him very lethargic and painful to move. With the help of medication and a proper urinary food diet, Bilbo has made a fantastic recovery! He is an incredibly friendly and affectionate guy who LOVES attention. He really enjoys being brushed (he'll roll around to make sure you don't miss any spots), and may be the only cat in the world that lets you rub his belly! (He'd let you do it for HOURS!) He's the master at hide and seek, always hiding in different places in our clinic. When he's not receiving attention, he prefers to hide out and sleep in dark, compact places. Although he likes to hide, he is not shy of humans and would gladly leave his hiding place to spend some quality time with you. Bilbo is best suited for a quiet, purrrrmanent home with owners who can regularly brush him and give him his required medication every day. 

IMPORTANT! Bilbo MUST be kept on a urinary food diet for the rest of his life to prevent him from becoming blocked again. We feed him Royal Canin Urinary SO wet and dry food, but he can also be fed Prescription Diet C/D Multicare for Urinary Stress.

If you are interested in adopting Bilbo, please contact our clinic!

Phone: 250-314-1861 ~~~~~~~~ Email:

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  • "" I love coming to Columbia Summit Vet Hospital, not only do I get treats when I have been good, the staff are great too. I love coming to see Dr. Hunter because he is so nice and when I have to get shots he does them quickly so they aren't painful and after I get treat. I also know that my Furry Cat Sisters love coming too, not as much as I do because they don't like the car ride but they know if they don't feel good Columbia Summit will do everything they can to make it better. Thanks for always taking care of me and my Sisters.""
    Hershey Brown

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