CFJC w/ Dr. Paul Hunter

Hey Everyone,

Once a month Dr. Paul Hunter is asked to go on CFJC Midday live and discuss various different subjects about your animals safety and health.

We are happy to announce we have now created a page on our website sharing all the live reports! All the previous talks will be posted on this page, as well as the many more to come in the future!

Please feel free to email us with any fed back or question about the videos you may have.


  • Ticks have came early this year! Watch Dr. Hunters talk about ticks and how to prevent them!


  • Pet Secure - Get your pets insured today!

  • Preparation for Fall
  • Kennel Cough Outbreak
  • Summer Safety Tips
  • Oral Health Tips/Talk

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  • "" I love coming to Columbia Summit Vet Hospital, not only do I get treats when I have been good, the staff are great too. I love coming to see Dr. Hunter because he is so nice and when I have to get shots he does them quickly so they aren't painful and after I get treat. I also know that my Furry Cat Sisters love coming too, not as much as I do because they don't like the car ride but they know if they don't feel good Columbia Summit will do everything they can to make it better. Thanks for always taking care of me and my Sisters.""
    Hershey Brown

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